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Department of Communication and Media Studies

The Department of Communication and Media Studies of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, is one of the newest departments of the oldest and largest university in the country. The department’s history dates back to the academic year 1990-1991 and its prime focus since has been to meet the needs of academic teaching and research in the field of communication studies in the country. The last twenty seven years the Department has been constantly growing, while a great number of its students excel in the print and electronic media, in research, and other activities of the Greek society and culture.

Today, the Department employs more than forty academics and researchers who are active in diverse fields such as cultural studies, political science and sociology, law, history, psychology, history of art, linguistics, Modern Greek studies, new technologies and their applications, journalism, advertising, public relations, the theory and practice of mass media.

The curriculum and syllabus of our Department offers our students, through its interdisciplinary nature, the opportunity to develop their critical and analytical skills and equips graduates with the fundamental and unchangeable demands of the profession of Communications. In other words, the composition of the Department reflects the interdisciplinary nature of communications studies.

The Department is connected to the network "@thina" of the University, ensuring continuous access to the Internet, both for department and for students, through the Laboratory of New Technologies in Communication, Education and the Mass Media and the Library. The University of Athens, developing its network "@thina", is connected to the Internet via EDET (National Research and Education Network) with a line of 18Mbps.