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Laboratories of the Department

The Laboratory of Arts and Cultural Management deals with teaching, research and practical applications that are relative to theater, environment - action, events, video art, experimental cinema, artistic side of the TV (fiction, docu-fiction, cultural programs) and the relationship of these forms with the collective memory and cultural heritage.

The Laboratory of Social Research in the Media was founded in 2002. The Laboratory focuses on the economic, social, legal and cultural dimensions of the press, radio, television and the internet, with particular emphasis on social research on the Internet, computers, multimedia, and digital satellite television and generally on New Communication Technologies.

The Laboratory of New Technologies in Communication, Education and the Mass Media was founded in 1996 by Presidential Decree No. 149 (Official Government Journal, June 10, 1996, number A/111). According to its statutory objectives, the Laboratory serves educational and research needs in the following cognitive fields: theory, applications and products of new technologies, communication practices in education and the media with the exploitation of new technologies and electronic information processing, management in international networks. The Laboratory is integrated in the sector of Culture, Environment, Communication Applications and Technology of the Department of Communication and Media Studies. The Laboratory offers internet connectivity and supports practical training of undergraduate and postgraduate students, conducts research on new technologies with an emphasis on their applications in the broader field of communication, as well as seminars on digital content management, visual communication and journalistic research with the use of computers and networks (Computer Assisted Research and Reporting). The Laboratory is located in the center of Athens, 2, Kalamiotou Str, 6th floor.

The Laboratory of Audiovisual Media (founded by Presidential Decree No. 003, Official Government Journal, January 10, 2001, number A/2) is an interdepartmental Laboratory of the Department of Communication and Media Studies located in 2, Kalamiotou Str, 3rd floor. The Laboratory is equipped to train students in production, television and radio studios, and digital camera television productions. The Laboratory is designed to operate as a practice unit where students will gain expertise in the media and the appropriate skills to produce both news and entertainment programs.

The Laboratory of Psychological Applications and Communication Planning was founded in February 2001 by Professor of Psychology Dr. Klimis Navridis and operates under the direction of Professor of Psychology Dr. Bettina Davou. The Laboratory serves educational and research needs that focus firstly on the applications of psychology in communication phenomena, such as human relations and direct interpersonal communication, non-verbal communication, interaction in groups, cognitive processing of media messages, treatment and education in media, and secondly on issues related to communication practices and design, such as advertising communication, television and radio production, comparison of TV and radio broadcasting systems. The Laboratory is located in the center of Athens, 2, Kalamiotou Str., 5th floor.