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Communication & Media Psychology Lab

Director: Bettina Davou, Professor of Psychology
Address: Sophocleous 1, 105 59 Athens
Tel: 210 3689281, 210 3689265 Fax: 210 3689262
e-mail: psylab[at]media.uoa[dot]gr

Telephone Numbers:
Ariana Sivera, 210 3689410
Roula Lavva, 210-3689413

The Communication & Media Psychology Lab was founded in 2001, by Dr. Klimis Navridis, Professor of Social Psychology and operated until 2018 under the direction of Professor Betina Davou. Today is directed by Dr. Nikolas Christakis, Professor of Social Psychology. It's original name was Laboratory of Psychological Applications and Communication Planning and in March 2019 it was renamed to Communication & Media Psychology Lab.

The research projects implemented generally cover issues related to non-verbal communication, emotion and cognition, interpersonal interaction and group dynamics, media education, psychology of the cyberspace, psychology of media and technology, research methods in psychology and communication.

Research and teaching activities of the Lab are supported by a team of specialist researchers, postgraduate students and post-doc research assistants.

The Lab maintains a library with classical textbooks on psychology and research methodology for the use of students and researchers, as well as a complete file of the research reports derived from the Lab’s projects.



In more than 18 years of operation, the Psychology of Communication Lab has a rich research and teaching experience.

Research projects are being carried out in the Laboratory. Some of them are doctoral theses and others are taking place with funding from European programs or from the Special Account Research Grants of the University of Athens.

The main research projects carried out through the Laboratory are included in the following themes: 

  • Human Relationships
  • Digital Every-day Life
  • Social and Political Life
  • Emotions



The Lab supports applications and research prerequisites for the undergraduate courses in cognitive psychology, social psychology and psychology of communication and for the postgraduate course in research methodology. It offers applied workshops on non-verbal communication and on the organization and planning of research in communication and psychology.

It also organizes training programs for educators in areas related to the application of communication to education. Such programs are:

"Media Literacy": in-service training program for elementary school teachers

"Group Dynamics and Communication in the Classroom": sensitization program for secondary school teachers

The Lab also supports the Postgraduate Studies Program entitled "Communication and Mass Media" of the Department, providing the area of studies entitled "Conflicts: Conflict Management and Communication" (inactive for the academic year 2017-18).



The Lab collaborates with other Labs of the Department of Communication and Media Studies, as well as with Labs of other Departments of the University of Athens.

It also collaborates with: 

  • Grupo Comunicar, University of Huelva (Spain)
  • MED, Catholic University (Milan, Italy)
  • Institute of Education, The University of London (U.K.)
  • The Media Education Lab, Temple University (Pennsylvania, U.S.A.)
  • Halmstad University (Sweden)
  • Department of Sociology at the School of Social Sciences, University of Amsterdam
  • Department of Journalism, School of Arts, Communication and Cultural Studies, University of Frederick (Nicosia, Cyprus)
  • University of Santiago de Compostela ACSAR foundation
  • The Local Council of Santiago de Compostela University of Minho
  • University of Vic - Central University of Catalonia


The Communication & Media Psychology Lab is staffed by: 

Academic Staff

Betina Davou, Professor, Director

Nicholas Christakis, Professor

Antonis Armenakis, Assistant Professor

Athena Hatzouli, Assistant Professor

Panagiotis Halatsis, Instructor and Head Researcher   

Research Associates 

Anthi Sidiropoulou, PhD, Phychology of Communication

Patricia Gerakopoulou, PhD, Social Psychology

Lisa Mavromara, M.Sc. Mental Health Studies

Vasiliki Nika, PhD, Primary Education Teacher and Media Educator  

PhD Students  

Elena Andreou, School advisor for music education

Mirsini Vasilopoulou, BA in Communication

Evdokia Dali, Military psychologist in the Air Force

Venetia Sakellariou, BA in Communication 

And a team of undergraduate and postgraduate students who wish to practice in scientific research. 

Special Technical Laboratory Staff 

The operation of the Laboratory is supported by Arianna Sivera and Stavroula Lavva.