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Laboratory of Arts and Cultural Management


The Laboratory of Arts and Cultural Management was founded in 2004 and covers educational and research needs of the Department.

Director of the Laboratory is Professor Elli Philokyprou.

Members, among others: Calliope Rigopoulou (Founder of the Laboratory and Professor Emeritus); Vassilis Karapostolis (Professor Emeritus); Maria Komninou (Professor Emeritus); professors/associate/assistant professors Myrto Rigou; Eva Stefani; Spiros Moschonas; Evanguelia Diamantopoulou; Afroditi Nikolaidou; DrsIoanna Athanasatou; Dimitris Papaharalambous; Thomas Tsakalakis; Giorgos Kravvaritis; Anghelos Aletras; Ioulia Mermigka; Petros Zounis (all members of  the Department’s teaching staff); PhD candidates, and graduate students.

A great number of people involved and engaged in culture – University teachers, artists, students, graduates of the Department, researchers – have collaborated in the past and continue to collaborate today with the Laboratory; among them: D. Avdeliodis, V. Agtzidis, S. Arkenti, S. Bonatsos, G. Ioannidis, A. Karatza, K. Katzourakis, G. Kokkinos, P. Korovesis, M. Karvounis, L. Kyriakidi, O. Lazaridou, S. Mihail, D. Panayotopoulou, N. Paraoulakis, K. Poulopoulou, G. Sagias, V. Sarianidis, T. Sarris, K. Sfikas, D. Tsatsou,  N. Valaoritis, A. Varvaki, N. Venetsanou.

The aim of the Laboratory is to encourage research and teaching activities, to contribute towards the acquisition of practical skills for the students as well as towards the organization of programs and activities pertaining to arts and cultural management.  Some of its activities are related to theatre, environment, performance, events, video art, and documentaries. In addition, the Laboratory has in the past issued the publication of the interdisciplinary art and research periodical «Elelef», which contains publications of papers presented at conferences and other events related to the Laboratory. The Laboratory has also participated in the co-organisation of a conference on literature, in honour of Professor Peter Mackridge, in 2017, in Kalamata. Conference title: Μα τι γυρεύουν οι ψυχές μας ταξιδεύοντας; Αναζητήσεις και αγωνίες των ελλήνων λογοτεχνών του  μεσοπολέμου (1918-1939).

The Laboratory promotes field research in museums, art galleries, archaeological sites, as well as theatrical performances related to its courses. It also hosts teaching activities of the Department as well as lectures addressed mainly to graduate students.

A small library for graduate students of the Program “Cultural and Cinema Studies) will be soon operating in the Laboratory thanks to the generosity of Mary Kitroeff who has offered to donate 200 books pertaining to the cinema.