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Laboratory of Audiovisual Media

The Laboratory of Audiovisual Media is located in the center of Athens, near Monastiraki metro station (Kalamiotou 2, 3rd floor). It was established in 2001 and serves all Divisions of the Department of Communication and Media Studies. With all the equipment necessary for media production, including a television studio with three digital cameras and a radio studio, the Lab constitutes a special unit where students can acquire practical skills and technical knowledge in media production, including both news and entertainment.

The lab is run by an Inter-Departmental Committee: Director is Associate Professor Maria Komninou and Members are: Professors Stelios Papathanasiou and Roi Panagiotopoulou. Nickos Myrtou is the Special Teaching & Laboratory Personnel assigned to the Laboratory and responsible for supporting television and radio lessons. Dr Athanasia Batziou is assigned as the secretary of the laboratory and also supports lessons in print journalism. Dr. Ioanna Athannassatou and Dr. Giannis Lambrou are associated with the laboratory and are teaching cinema lessons under the 407 special contract. The Lab works closely with journalists Angela Darzanou and Polydefkis Papadopoulos, Dimitris Alexopoulos  also there is a long  standing cooperation with Evangelos Sorogas –regarding TV production- and Marlena Politopoulou –regarding Radio production.

Finally the laboratory works closely with the Greek Film Archive for the support of cinema related lessons and in a number of events promoting audiovisual culture.