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Laboratory of Psychological Applications and Communication Planning

Director: Bettina Davou

Professor of Psychology

Tel.: 210 3689262
Monday – Thursday: 11.00 - 17.00
Friday: 11.00 - 14.00

Address: 2, Kalamiotou, 105 63 Athens

Tel. 210 3689262 fax: 210 3689258
E-mail Address: psylab[at]media.uoa[dot]gr

Website: www.media.uoa.gr/psylab/

The Laboratory for Psychological Applications and Communication Planning was founded in February 2001 by Dr. Klimis Navridis, Professor of Clinical Social Psychology. It is since directed by Dr. Bettina Davou, Professor of Cognitive Psychology. The Laboratory offers short practical courses in interpersonal communication techniques and provides students with the opportunity to practice in research on the applications of psychology to issues of both interpersonal and mediated communication. Research topics are on human relations and interpersonal communication, nonverbal communication, group interaction, the interplay of emotion and cognition in processing of media messages, media education and media literacy, marketing, television and radio production, comparative analysis of broadcasting systems. The Laboratory is situated in the center of Athens, on the 5th floor of the 2, Kalamiotou Str. Building.



Several research projects are carried out, some of which constitute doctorate research programs. Some projects are funded by the European Community (E.C.) and others by the University of Athens Special Accounts Research Grants (N.K.U.A./S.A.R.G.). Below is a list of the Lab’s main projects:

  • International research program entitled «European Health Behavior Survey: Data from Athenian Students” in collaboration with the University of London St. George’s Hospital Medical School (data collection in Greece was funded by the N.K.U.A./S.A.R.G.
  • Panhellenic research entitled “The Young Generation in Greece Today” in collaboration with the Political Communication Laboratory (funded by the General Secretary of Youth).
  • Research Project entitled “Gender Relationships and Communication in Couples, Friends and Colleagues: Images of Emotion and Sexuality” (funded by the E.C.-Pythagoras I).
  • Action-research on Media Education with in-service elementary school teachers (funded by N.K.U.A./S.A.R.G).
  • “Supportive Action” Program, entitled “Dynamics of Interpersonal Relationships and Stress Management: Factors Affecting School Performance”, in collaboration with the Institute for Psychosocial Development.
  • “Media Discourse in Risk Society: Representations, Emotions and Crisis Management in Cases of Environmental and Biotechnological Risk”, in collaboration with the Political Communication Lab (funded by the E.C.-Pythagoras II).
  • “The Effect of Emotions on Decision Making in Organizations” (Doctorate Research Program).
  • “Changes in Pupils’ Communication Practices and Relationships within the Electronic Educational Environment” (Doctorate Research Program).
  • “The Psychological Investment of Media and their Involvement in Family Communication and Relationships” (Doctorate Research Program).
  • “Adolescents’ Relationships with the Internet and the Issue of Addiction” (funded by N.K.U.A./S.A.R.G).
  • “Social Networking: The case of Face Book” (internal project).
  • “Emotional Effects of Media Messages” (internal project).
  • “General and Interpersonal Trust in Greece’ (funded by N.K.U.A./S.A.R.G).
  • “Development, Adaptation and Pilot Investigation of “Adult Trust Assessment Scale” (funded by N.K.U.A./S.A.R.G).



The Laboratory supports practice and research prerequisites for the undergraduate courses in cognitive psychology, social psychology, psychology of communication, interpersonal relationships, children and media, and for the postgraduate course in research methodology. It offers applied workshops on non-verbal communication and on psychological and communicational research organization and planning.

It also organizes training programs for educators in areas related to the application of communication to education, such as:

  • "Media Literacy": in-service training program for elementary school teachers
  • "Group Dynamics and Communication in the Classroom": sensitization program for secondary school teachers


The Observatory for the Development of Media Literacy and Media Education Programs was founded in the academic year 2006-2007 and was originally funded by the University of Athens Special Accounts Research Grants. Since then, its activities are supported by research assistants and postgraduate students.

The main purpose of the Observatory is the development of a database of researchers and in-service educators involved with media education in Greece, the collection and recording of related programs that have been applied in schools, and the development of standardized criteria for media education and literacy on the basis of international scientific standards.

Basic objectives:

  • to familiarize Greek educators, parents and children with the aims of media literacy and media education
  • to develop a database of researchers and educators involved in media education for the exchange of materials and ideas
  • to diffuse information and educational material for use within the classroom
  • to train teachers in the application of media literacy and media education programs in  schools.



The Laboratory has joint projects with other Laboratories of the University of Athens. It also collaborates with Grupo Comunicar, University of Huelva (Spain), MED, Catholic University (Milan), The University of London, Institute of Education (U.K.), The Media Education Lab, Temple University (Pennsylvania, U.S.A.), Halmstad University (Sweden).


The Laboratory of Psychological Applications and Communication Planning is being staffed by the Director of the Lab Prof. Bettina Davou, Professors  Stelios Papathanasopoulos and Nicholas Christakis, Associate Professor Manolis Cheretakis and Assistant Professors Antonis Armenakis and Athina Chatzouli. Regular external research partners are Despina Epitropaki (Communication Specialist, M.Sc.), Patricia Gerakopoulou (PhD, Social Psychologist), Takis Halatsis (PhD, Education Consultant, Teaching Staff, Panteion University), Tsampika Karakiza (PhD, Education Consultant, Teaching Staff, University of the Aegean), Ulrika Sjöberg (Assistant Professor, Halmstad University, Sweden), Vassiliki Galani (Clinical Psychologist, PhD), Giota Katsiki (Social Anthropologist - Communication Specialist, M.Sc.), Vassiliki Nika (PhD, Teacher - Media Educator), Anthi Sidiropoulou (Sociologist, M.Sc.), Katerina Spetsiotou (Communication Specialist, M.Sc.).

The Laboratory’s research and teaching activities are supported by postgraduate student research and teaching assistants.