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  Author: Emmanuel Heretakis
Patakis Editions,
Athens 2007, 96 pages.

As a notion, TV viewing is particularly popular in Greece, mostly ever since the deregulation of the electronic media. However, what this notion implicates, the ways of its production and evaluation, seem to be quite less popular.

The present text attempts to focus on these less popular themes: its meaning, its production, the reasons behind the need of its quantitative evaluation, the definitions of “watching”/”attending” the TV screen, the qualitative measures of TV viewing, the wider issue of the disputes related to the quantitative analysis of the TV viewing measures, and the aspects of TV viewing measures considered as “common currency”.

It refers to the ways with which TV viewing is estimated in other European countries, to the present state of TV viewing in Greece, a subject that-at times- has already achieved a wider publicity through the mass media, but, unfortunately, without casting light on its very essence-at least until today.

This book attempts to provide satisfactory and intelligible answers to the above questions.