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Scientific Research

Research Activities

The Department, as part of its research activities aimed at training students who wish to study the modern communication environment of the country, conducts research in the following fields:

  • Research on Media consumption
  • Audience ratings research
  • Research on forming the Media agenda
  • Research on nationalism and its publicity in the Media
  • Social exclusion (foreign refugees and immigrants in Greece) with the method of "life stories telling" through the prism of clinical social psychology.
  • Qualitative Research in the Psychology of Communication
  • Qualitative research on Greek Television
  • Analysis of content and spectatorship of the News on Television
  • Study of popular series on Greek Television
  • Research on the Local Press
  • Comparative Analysis of Programs
  • Research on Media Ethics and Copyrights
  • Research in Internationalization of the Media
  • Audiovisual Literacy and New Technologies
  • Applications of Data Analysis in the study of socioeconomic dimensions of education
  • Content Analysis of Visual Messages
  • Research related to the Internet
  • Visual Communication and New Technologies
  • Research on Violence and Crime in the Media
  • Awareness and Policy for the protection of Cultural Heritage
  • Analysis of Press articles about language
  • Greek language teaching in minorities