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Research Files

  • Electoral campaigns 1960 - 2004

Qualitative research of 75 semi-structured interviews conducted by scientific director Manolis Heretakis, Assistant Professor.

Manolis Heretakis

Archive campaigns_1960_2004.pdf (212 KB)


  • “The Effects of the Internet on Journalism: The Case of Greek Journalists”

This is a quantitative research, which shows, among other, that journalists of the daily political - social newspapers of Athens not only use the Internet in their daily practice but also express a positive opinion regarding the ability of the Internet to improve journalism. Greek journalists use the Internet in their daily practice, mainly to send or receive emails, browse websites, and retrieve information from databases.

The results of the research were presented at the international conference titled «Digital Utopia in the Media: from Discourses to Facts. A Balance», held in Barcelona, Spain, from 20th to 21st May 2005.

Andreas P. Giannakoulopoulos and Spyros N. Kodellas

The complete research in the form of a pdf file [English] - file Journalism NT.pdf (129 KB)


  • Recording and analysis of summary reports of the headlines of the newspapers for the period 16/4 - 16/5/2003

Research by the students of the Department of Communication and Media Studies, University of Athens, for the Special Reportage course, under the supervision of the instructor Mr. Lambis Tagmatarchis and the cooperation of «METRON ANALYSIS». The data processing showed that the political issues of our country were those that dominated the headlines of the Athenian political daily newspapers.


  • The Internet and the students of Athens

New Technologies, such as the Internet, have extended the possibilities of people to access information and to interactively communicate. Specifically, online communication is the communication facilitated through the Information Technology, and is defined as “synchronic and asynchronous communication between the transmitter (s) and receiver (s)”. The rapid development of the Internet in almost all the world requires the investigation of the elements that influence people to use it.

Stelios Papathanasopoulos and Antonis Armenakis