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Christakis Nicolas

Nicolas Christakis


Psychology at the University of Besançon

Ph.D. in Social Psychology obtained in 1986 at Paris X – Nanterre University, France
(Title: "Pop-music: lieu d'identité et moyen d'expression collective")

Academic Position Professor in Social Psychology

Section Section of Psychology of Communication Practices and Planning

Laboratory Laboratory for Psychological Applications & Communication Planning 

Address  1, Sophocleous Str., Athens, 10559, Greece

Telephone Number/Fax               +30 210 3689259, +30 210 3689406, +30 210 6717100, Mobile: +30 694 6495200/ +30 210 3689258

Email Address  nicolchri [at] media.uoa [dot] gr

Webpage http://www.media.uoa.gr/christakis/


Undergraduate Courses: 

  • Introduction to communication psychology
  • Communication in close relationships
  • Social Psychology of the mass media


Postraduate Courses:

  • Methodology
  • Conflicts, identities and culture

Administrative Duties

  • Director of the Sector of Psychology of Communication, Communication Practices and Planning
  • Director of the Postgraduate programme in Musical Culture and Communication

Research Interests Research interests focus on issues of identity processes, social communication, close relationships and rituals.

Indicative Publications

Books in Greek:

Children talk about health and illness: Social representations about health and illness of 10 year-old children (in collaboration with B. Davou) (Papazisis, Athens, 1994)

Musical Identities: Life-stories of musicians and bands of the Greek independent rock community. (Typothito, Athens, 1999)

Motorcycle: Risk-taking and the Sacred. (Futura, Athens, 2003)

Self and the Others. Issues of Communication and Social Psychology. (Papazisis, Athens, 2010)

Same Sex and Cross Sex Friendships. (in collaboration with P. Halatsis) (Papazisis, Athens 2011) 


Editings in Greek: 

Identities: Psychosocial integration (Editor, in collaboration with Kl. Navridis) (Kastaniotiw, Athens, 1997)

Societies in crisis and seek of meaning (Editor, in collaboration with Kl. Navridis) (Pedio, Athens, 2011, first ed. 2005) 

The hypermodern subject (Editor, in collaboration with Kl. Navridis) (Pedio, Athens, 2011, first ed. 2010)


Recent articles: 

Christakis, N. Prise de risque et recherche des limites: exemple de la conduite à grande vitesse à moto. Revue internationale de psychosociologie («Le sport à corps et  cris», sous la direction de G. Amado et de M. Bolle de Bal), 2003, IX(20), 121-141. 

Halatsis, P., Christakis, N. The challenge of sexual attraction within heterosexuals’ cross-sex friendship. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 2009, 26(6-7), 919-937. 

Gustave Le Bon’s mass psychology and some comments on social influence theory. Theory and society, 2011, 26, 165-182.