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Diamantopoulou Evangelia

     Evangelia Diamantopoulou


History and Archeology (BA) Athens School of Philosophy, University of Athens

History of Art (PhD) Department of Communication and Media Studies, University of Athens

Academic Position Assistant Professor

Section Section of Culture, Environment, Communication Applications and Technology

Laboratory Laboratory of Arts and Cultural Management

Telephone Number +30 210-3689273

Email Address 



Undergraduate Courses:


  • History of Art

  • Visual Art and Communication

  • Issues of European Art

  • Issues of Modern Greek Art

  • Image Dialectics

Postgraduate Courses:

Αrtistic creation issues: Modern Greek Art constitutes the subject matter of this seminar, with main objectives: a) the investigation of the narrative role of art concerning issues such as visual testimony, historical imagination, visualisation of the idea, self-reference, b) the approach of its visual vocabulary and re-presentation of its direction and c) the familiarisation with the various forms of art of modernity, whether it refers to painting or sculpture display or audiovisual installation or action.

Narration in New Technology Communications Environment

The course focuses on exploring the narrative direction of speech and image. Towards this end, narrative texts and images are selected from the field of current affairs, historical testimony and literary imagination, as well as visual and audiovisual representations with corresponding content. Interpretive tools from the fields of semiotics, structuralism and deconstruction explore the space and time of action, the characters, the plot and the evolution. Narrative techniques such as linearity, circularity, and anachronism are also studied. The main objective of the course is to highlight the communicative dimension of texting and visualizing the idea, imagination, event and testimony.

Administrative Duties

  • Participation in "Erasmus', "Library", "Student issues", "Citizen's registration" and "Open Day for High School's students" Committees and Commitee for " people with special needs".

Research Interests

  • Art and Communication
  • Art and Society
  • Symbolic and  Lived-through Space in Art
  • Art and Identity
  • The Play element in Culture
  • Art and Historical Memory

Indicative Publications


2007:Theophilos in Pelium: Issues of painting direction, Alexandria

2010:The Art of Billiards: a Game of Images, Taxideftis

2012: The Two – Face Identity of Giannoulis Chalepas, Taxideftis

2019: Outside the family: Communicating with the Art of the Stranger, Epicentro


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2014: «The Adventure of Folk Painting», Volume Greek Folk Tradition: From Past to Future, Alexandros, p. 137 – 145.

2017:  "Art and Memory: Representations of the Dead (?) Body", The Body as a Place for Creating Social Meaning:Applications in the Social Sciences, Art, Education and Health Sciences, Eight, p. 387 – 398.

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