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Heretakis Manolis

Manolis Heretakis


Graduated from Varvakios normal school

Graduate, Department of Mathematics, University of Athens

Ph.D-cum laude-Department of Political Science & Public Administration, Department of Law, Economic & Political Sciences, University of Athens 

Academic Position Associate Professor, Department of Communication, University of Athens(since 2011)

Section Section of Psychology of Communication Practices and Planning

Laboratory Laboratory for Psychological Applications & Communication Planning 

Telephone Number/Fax                    +30 210 3689264

Email Address  eheretak [at] media.uoa [dot] gr

Webpage http://www2.media.uoa.gr/lectures/ad/


Undergraduate Courses: 

-At the University of Athens

Since  the academic year   1986-1987   , and until  the academic year 1994-1995, teaching the subjects

  • “Communicational  types and audiences in Communication”
  • “Institutions and   organizational types of the mass media in the global scene”, at the Department of Political Science & Public Administration , University of Athens.

Since the academic year 1994-1995 to the present, teaching the subjects

 “Advertising Communication I”

  • “Advertising Communication II”
  • “Management & Marketing of the Mass Media”, at the  Department of Communication, University of Athens. 

The subject “Advertising Communication I” has been renamed “Introduction to Advertising Communication” since the academic year 2002-2003, as well as the subject  -“Advertising Communication II” has been renamed “Special topics of advertising”. In addition, the subject “Introduction to Advertising Communication” and  -“Management & Marketing of the Mass Media”  are also delivered in English, for the benefit of non-Greek Erasmus students.
  • In association with professor Dr Stelios Papathanasopoulos, teaching  the subject “Internationalization of Communication”, since the academic year 2002-2003.


Postraduate Courses:

-At the University of Athens

From the academic year 1997-1998  until 2001-2002

  • “Analysis  of audiences in advertising communication” 

From the academic year 1998-1999  until 2001-2002

  • “Specific items in advertising communication”

From the academic year  2002-2003 until 2006-2007, the subjects

  • “Political advertising” 
  • “Electoral  campaigns: from  television to the digital age”

From the  academic year 2009-2010 and   onwards, the subject

  • “Commercial  communications”
-At the Postgraduate National School for Public Administration

From the academic year 2001-2002 until 2008-2009, the subject “International Communicational System”,  as well as being a  supervisor or member of tripartite  examining committees for a significant number of  final papers of the National School students.   

As supervisor or member of tripartite examining committees, has participated  in the final examination of 72 postgraduate papers , i.e. of 34 postgraduate papers  as supervisor and 38 postgraduate papers as a member of tripartite examining committees. His participation as supervisor or member of tripartite examining committees continues. Furthermore, he  currently supervises five doctoral theses. He has also participated as member of the committee which has examined a postgraduate doctoral thesis  in the Athens University of Economics and also one at the Aristotelean University of Thessaloniki, and has been a member of the committee related to the academic progress of three persons  teaching at the Aristotelean University of Thessaloniki and one at the Athens University of Economics.  


Teaching in Seminars

Teaching subjects directly related to the theory and practice of strategic planning in advertising and the theory and practice of the mass media:

  • at the Greek Productivity Center
  • the Athens News Agency
  • the Center for Advertising and Marketing (CAM)
  • the  School of Advertising  of Hellenic Management Association
  • the Department of Economics of the Department of Legal and Financial Sciences of the Aristotelean  University of Thessaloniki
  • the Department of Journalism & the Mass Media  of   the Aristotelean   University of Thessaloniki, among others, and
  • at the two-day seminar of the Greek Productivity Center (May 1989) having as general subject the programming of the advertising media  ( media planning)
  • at the two-day seminar of Intercollege (Nicosia, Cyprus, 11-12 September 1992) , having as general subject “Programming of advertising media”
  • at the seminar of Hellenic Management Association-Second cycle of studies, Advertising Media Course, Wednesday October the 12th, 1992
  • at the two-day educational seminar of ESOMAR (Athens, 1-2 December 1992), with the general subject “Measurement of the efficiency of advertising”

Administrative Duties

  • Managerial responsibilit at the Department of Communication and Media Studies, University of Athens

  • Member of the Board of the University Research Institute of Applied Communication (U.R.I.A.C).

  • Responsible for the Scientific Organization of the Practical Exercise of the students of the Department of Communication, University of Athens, for the academic year 2005-2006 and thereafter.

  • Managerial responsibility in other   organizations

  • Member of the Board of the Institute of Communication (to which U.R.I.A.C is a founding member) as an elected representative of U.R.I.A.C. 

Research Interests

The greatest number of research papers has been published in journals or has been presented   in   international, European and Greek conferences and seminars.

1980-1984: Research on the methods and the procedures of  optimal use of the mass media within the frame of a large number of  papers related to communication for a wide range of clients. This optimization consists in the creation and the usage of new concepts and methodologies in the analytic and strategic programming of the advertising media and the continuous upgrading of communicational strategies, so as to have a continuously more efficient communication, with regard to the initially set   objectives.

1984-1985: Participation in the group of Media Directors that had been  founded for the formation of the TV-viewing survey  of A.C.Nielsen,  via an extended analytical questionnaire ( Nielsen Television Index-N.T.V.I). The specific survey lasted from  September 1986 until March 1989.

1984-1985:  Conduct  of a  survey related to the degree and the extent of reference in the print media  of articles concerning   young people. The survey results  (“Young people in the Press” ) were presented at the Zappeion on February the 25th, 1986.

1986-1990: Conduct of a survey during my cooperation with advertising agencies Gnomi/Publicis-FCB ( until April 1986 ) and DDB/Needham (from March 1989 until January 1991 ) having as subject the formation of a commonly accepted typology of TV programmes based on their content.

1987: Cooperation with the research company ICAP S.A with the objective of  the analytical depiction of all methodologies utilized for the quantitative recording  methods  of TV-viewing for all European countries.

Conduct of a survey related to the degree of  audience appreciation of  TV programmes viewed all over Greece. The degree of audience appreciation of TV   programmes   consistutes  a qualitative-quantitative view of them. The results of this survey were announced in an International Conference for TV-viewing survey research,   taking   place at New York, between 15th  and 19th  October 1989.

1998-1990: Participation -on behalf of the Ministry of Press & the Mass Media- to a survey related to the degree of viewing   foreign TV channels in Greece, during the installation of wireless broadcasting of a number of satellite TV channels in a number of Greek cities. The major results of this survey were published in the   proceedings of IDATE ( November 15-17, 1989, pages 521-526).

1989: Conduct of a survey related to the exposure of readers in print media (MPX- magazine page exposure) in cooperation with the research company A.C.Nielsen. The definition as well as the  treatment of this magnitude has been analyzed in two articles , published in the magazine “Advertising Week” ( in its   issues of June the 20th, and September the 4th, 1989).

1990: Record of the  number  of advertisements in radio and television since 1971, on behalf of the Hellenic Advertisers Association-H.A.A. A good part of this record , concerning the years 1971-1995, has been published in the respective chapters of my book “Television and advertising: the Greek case”.

Study of the qualitative dimensions of quantitative decisions in the programming of TV advertising in Greece. The results of this survey were  presented in the ESOMAR Congress  which took place in Copenhagen, on April  the 4th -6th, 1990.

1992: Cooperation with the Media Directors of a number of advertising agencies  being the founding members of the GMG  ( Greek Media Group) media shop, for the  elaboration of a quantitative research concerning TV zapping.

Study of the quantitative magnitudes of the reaction(s) of the   TV audiences   related to the content of TV programmes in  Greece.  The results of   this study were announced at the Worldwide Conference for TV-viewing ( organized by ARF/ESOMAR) which took place during    between June 1-3rd, 1992, in Toronto.

1993: Research and study related to the subject of concentration in the Greek mass media scene. Concise results of this study were published in the magazine “Manager” ( in  its  issues of  February 1993 and  February 1994). In its second phase, this survey expanded to the other European countries, and in cooperation with the European Institute of the Media- E.I.M , and its results  were published in the July-August  1994 issue of the magazine “Manager”, and in one of the E.I.M editions.

1994: Cooperation with the research agencies  Research International Hellas-R.I.H and MRB Hellas for the conduct of the  Media Multiplier survey in Greece, on behalf of the Athens Daily Newspaper Publishers Association ( A.D.N.P.A). The findings  of this survey were announced during a seminar organized by A.D.N.P.A   on March the 8th, 1995, and were published in the magazine “Manager”   , in its issues of May and June 1995.

1996: Continuation of the survey related to media concentration, pluralism and transparency in European countries.  The results of this survey have been documented in the ( unpublished) document “Measures of media concentration, pluralism and transparency revisited-a first draft-October 1995”, which was forwarded to the responsible secretariats of the European Committee, and also to the Hellenic Audiovisual Media  Institute.

Conduct of a survey related to matters of data collection, categorization and processing of statistical data for the media, and their incorporation in data banks. This survey was conducted on behalf of the Hellenic Audiovisual Media  Institute.

1997: Conduct of a survey  related to the TV-viewing of programmes for children. The findings of this survey were announced at the conference “Children and the Mass Media”-Athens, October the 31st-November the 1st.

Research for the “environment” and the evolution of the mass media in Greece during the dictatorships of 4th August 1936 and 21st  of April 1967. Part of the findings were announced at the conference  under the title “Dictatorship-3o years after”, organized in Athens from the Hellenic Society of Political Science and the Sakis Karagiorgas Foundation, at the Panteion University , 10-12 December 1997.

1998: Construction of specialized multi-checks for the auditing of the reliability  and the validity of the quantitative TV-viewing measures , in close cooperation with the other two members of the independent committee of auditors. These multi-checks are applied in a systematic fashion , since they were constructed.

Investigation and recording of the problems of TV audience research that surfaced in other European countries ( such as France, Italy, Spain and Portugal ), via an  on the spot investigation, and presentation of the findings to the Committee for the Audit of TV Audience Research.

1999: Research related to the consumption of mass media content by their various  audiences. The   continuously  updated findings of this research are incorporated in a working paper , under the title “Remarks  on the consumption of mass media content”, to which all interested students of the Department of Communication have access.

Research on the procedures that have to be kept for the orderly function of a Bureau for the Certification for circulation figures  of the print media in Greece, in cooperation with A.D.N.P.A   and the  Greek  Union of Advertising Agencies.

2001: Participation in a Paneuropean survey related to mass media concentration in Europe, under the direction on professor Sanchez-Tabernero, University of Navarra, Spain. The volume containing the findings of the survey was sponsored and published   by the Council of Europe.

2003: Participation in a survey conducted by associate professor G.Pleios and a group of students, on behalf of the University of Athens, with the title “The role of radio in the quickening of social, cultural and financial changes in Greece, during 1930-1950”. A copy of  the  findings of this survey was forwarded   to the Research Committee of  the University of Athens.

Coordinator, on behalf of the Department of Communication, University of Athens, of a survey with the title “A survey of  people working in the mass media  and their views on racism and xenophobia” that was carried out in cooperation with the Department of Economic Sciences, Aristotelean University of Thessaloniki, and was funded by the EEC Initiative “Dream”. Its findings have been published in a separate volume by the Aristotelean University of Thessaloniki.

Conduct of a survey with title “Quantitative and qualitative dimensions of the Greek media and advertising : 1960-2000, in parallel to  the evolution of Greek society”. 

2004: Participation, as scientific consultant, in the formation and the realization of a survey with the aid of questionnaires, having as subject “Radio and the students of the Faculties of Mass Media, Communication and Journalism”, focused on the students of the Department of Communication, University of Athens.

Scientific consultant for the construction of a data base of quantitative data, having as subject “Data base for the Greek media” in Greek and in English,  on behalf of the Laboratory for Social Research in the Media. The data base is almost completed.

2005: Scientific consultant  for the survey with the title “Aspects of the televisual representation of  the Greek society and its political parties during the pre-election period of 2oo4”, with the participation of a group of three post-graduate students of the Department of Communication . The survey has been funded by the Research Committee of the University of Athens.

Research and  writing of the chapter “Quantitative  data for radio advertising in Greece, 1988-2004”, within the frame of a wider research project of the  Hellenic   Audiovisual Media Institute.

2006: Lecture with subject “Research and the mass media”, Monday April the 3rd 2006, at the  Drakopoulos  amphitheatre, organized by  the University Research Institute of Applied Communication (URIAC) of the Department of Communication.

Lecture at the 3rd International Political Marketing Conference, Monday 6th-Wednesday the 8th April 2006, Nicosia Cyprus, organized by   Cyprus College, with subject “Pop-politics: intermingling of politics, mass society and everyday life”.

2007: Coordinator at  the First Congress of the Research Network for the Musical Industry, realized at the Sakis Karagiorgas amphitheatre, Panteion University, Athens, on Friday November the 2nd, 2007. The congress was organized by the Department of Mass Media and Civilization of the  Panteion University, in cooperation with the Department of Journalism and Mass Media of the Aristotelean University of Thessaloniki. 

Scientific consultant for the conduct of a survey   recording the state of the  Greek daily regional newspapers  (excluding Athens and Thessaloniki). The survey was completed with the participation of two PhD candidates of the Department of Communication along with a post-graduate student, and contains details for a total of 158 newspapers.

2008: Speaker at the two day Conference “Civilization and the Mass Media” , organized by the  the Ministry for the Interior, with the subject “The reality of the Greek mass media in a world of rapid changes”, on Thursday March the 13th, 2008.  

Member of a committee organized by the Institute for Communication and  Journalism (AVSA) of the Free University, Berlin, for the study of scientific programmes  in radio and television in a number of EU countries.

Speaker in Working Group IV: “The laws of the market and the rules of information” at the Open Forum 2008 (Wednesday March the 19th, 2008), being an initiative of the Association of Greek Industrialists, under the title “Mass Media of Information: Deontology, Profit and Power”.

Coordinator at the  lecture “Remembrances from electoral campaigns”, presented by a group of students  of the Department of Communication, University of Athens, during Friday May the 16th, 2008, during the two day Conference of Students of the University Faculties of Communication, Journalism and the Mass Media, Thursday 15th-Friday 16th May  2008. The conference was organized by the General Secretariat of Information.

Chair at the second session, Saturday November the 15th, 2008, of the Conference “Contemporary Mass Media: Old and New Realities”, organized by the Nicosia University, Nicosia Cyprus, and speaker during this session, with subject “Political Memory in Greece”.

Coordinator at the Conference   “70 years of   Greek Radio-  Advertising and Radio”, realized on Friday December the 19th, 200, at the Zappeion Megaron.

2009:  Article titled “Advertising Expenditure in Greece” , published in  the magazine “de Scripto-A Journal of Media in South East Europe”, N0 01//02/2009, pp. 27-30.

Coordinator at the presentation  having as subject “The consumption of the mass media in younger ages (15-34 y.o.)” presented by a group of students at the Drakopoulos amphitheatre, organized by  the Department of Communication , University of Athens, and the  University Research Institute of Applied Communication (URIAC) of the Department of Communication.

2010: Lecture  at the International Conference  “Political speech and political Communication-Theoretical approaches and political reality”, May the 28th, 2010, at the Sakis Karagiorgas amphitheatre, Panteion University, Athens, with the title “The courses of political communication and the mass media”.

Participation in the IX World Media Economics and Management Conference, Wednesday June the 2nd-Saturday June the 6th, 2010, at Bogota, Colombia, and speaker, during Thursday June the 3rd, 2010, with the subject “The media, advertising and consumption as major vehicles of change-the case of Greece 1960-2000”.

Participation in the International Conference “Europe and the media-New developments in Social Theory and Research”, at the Drakopoulos amphitheatre, on Friday October the 29th –Saturday October the 30th, 2010, organized by the Department of Communication, University of Athens, and the University Research Institute of Applied Communication (URIAC) of the Department of Communication, and speaker during Friday October the 29th, 2010, with the title “Auditing TV measurement-the case of Greece”.

2012: Participation in the X World Media Economics and Management Conference, Wednesday  February the 23rd-Saturday February the 26th, 2012, in Thessaloniki, and speaker, during Friday February the 25th, 2012, with the title “Towards the end of euphoria: Latest developments in the Greek (old and new) media scene, from 2000 to 2010”.

Participation    as speaker in the Conference “The crisis of the Greek mass media-Financial and social dimensions”,during Thursday March the 21st, 2012, at the Sakis Karagiorgas amphitheatre, Panteion University, Athens. The Conference was organized by Department of Communication, Mass Media and Civilization of the Panteion University.

Participation as coordinator at the presentation with subject “Concentration in the Greek and Cypriot  mass media in the year  2010”, during Tuesday May the 29th, 2012, at the Drakopoulos amphitheatre, organized by the University Research Institute of Applied Communication (URIAC) of the Department of Communication, University of Athens.

Participation as speaker in the Conference “From “the power of the medium” to the “end” of television”, with the title “TV viewing, profitability, greed and the imaginary-The Greek case(1950-2012) in three phases”, Wednesday May the 30th, 2012, at the Sakis Karagiorgas amphitheatre, Panteion University, Athens. The Conference was organized by Department of Communication, Mass Media and Civilization of the Panteion University.

Participation in the Conference “Advertising in Communication +Media Research Symposium”, organized by the European Communication research and Education Association (ECREA) Advertising Research TWG, during Wednesday the 13th-Friday the 15th June 2012, at the Tuebingen University-Germany, and speaker, on Friday June the 15th, 2012, with the title “The Greek post-deregulation mass media : a possible foretaste for other countries”.

2013: Lectures on the subjects

  • The evolution of advertising expenditure in Greece I.
  • The evolution of advertising expenditure in Greece II.
  • The structure of advertising companies, during Monday January the 28th, 2013, and
  • The aesthetics of advertising I
  • The aesthetics of advertising II.
  • Problems of regulation I.
  • Problems of regulation II.

The new media blocs, during Tuesday January the 29th, 2013, at the Institute of Provincial  Press, Apokoronas, Chanea, Crete.

Participation in the 63rd  Annual International Conference of the Political Studies Association, at the City Hall, Cardiff, Wales, Monday  the 25th-Wednesday the 27th March 2013, and speaker, on Tuesday March the 26th, 2012, with the title “Greece 2012 :The mass media, fair play and other obsessions”. 

Indicative Publications

(in Greek)

Title of Ph.D dissertation: “Greek daily political Press and political communication : circulation trends and electoral results (Attempts towards an interpretative correlation for the period 1952-1984)”. The dissertation is available-in Greek-  at thesis.ekt.gr/2433.

 “Notes on the interrelationship of the  audience with the mass media and power” University Studio Press, Thessaloniki 1994.

Mass media trends in Greece”, Hellenic Audiovisual Media Institute, Athens 1997.

Television and advertising (1960-1995) -the Greek case” A.N.Sakkoulas Publishers, Athens 1997.

Concise bibliography on the mass media”, Hellenic  Audiovisual  Media Institute, Athens 1999.

Mass media : essays texts on the WWW: everyday life, praxis, frames, content and distribution” G. Dardanos Publishers, Athens 2000.

Private and public broadcasting media-Public opinion and global   participation” 2001/3, A.N.Sakkoulas Publishers, Athens 2001.

Political advertising : an application to the general elections of the year 2000” University Studio Press, Thessaloniki  2003.

Describing new audiences in the digital field-problems and challenges” 2004/4  A.N. Sakkoulas Publishers,  Athens  2004.

TV viewing” Patakis Publishers, Athens 2007.

Three  essays on political advertising (i.e. 1. Advertising expenditures of the Greek political parties 1985-2005, 2. 2003 general elections in Cyprus, 3.The municipal elections for Athens, 2002”),  University Studio Press, Thessaloniki  2008.

Mass media: myths, advertising, numbers and content” 2009/6  A.N. Sakkoulas Publishers,  Athens  2009.

Mass media, advertising and consumption : the Greek case, 1960-2000”, University Studio Press, Thessaloniki  2010.