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Karapostolis Vassilis

Vassilis Karapostolis

Education University of Athens, University of Stirling

Academic Position Professor of Culture and Communication

Section Section of Culture, Environment, Communication Applications and Technology

  • Philosophy of Communication, Cities and World.
  • Issues of culture in private and public life

Indicative Publications

Consumer behaviour in Greek society (study), National Center for Social Research, 1983.Forms) of social action (study), Themelio, 1984.

The  impenetrable society, Polytropon, 1984.

Co-existence and communication in  Greece (study), Gnosi, 1987.

At the roots of social experience (study), Gnosi, 1987.

Gentle Discourse (study), Plethron, 1989.

For the time being (essay), Plethron, 1990.

Handmade city, Athens between the Yes  and the No (essay), Alexandria, 1995, 2013.

The first touch (narrative), Nea Synora, 1998.

The self without a compass (essay), Alexandria, 1999.

Irostratus's temptation (essay),Alexandria, 1999.

The conflictual - the art of consolation (essay), Alexandria, 2002.

Souls with mouth (short stories), Patakis, 2003.

Dancing on her own (short stories), Patakis, 2003.

The Charisma (novel), Patakis,2008.

Strife  and  Atonement: On the Political Ethics of Greeks (essay), Patakis, 2012.

The age of appetite (essay), Patakis, 2012.