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Mourlas Constantinos

Constantinos Mourlas




Doctoral Degree in Informatics, (Department of Informatics, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens,  Greece) 

1988     Diploma in Computer Science, (Computer Science Department, University of Crete, Greece)

Academic Position Associate Professor

Section Section of Culture, Environment, Communication Applications and Technology

Laboratory Laboratory of New Technologies in Communication, Education and the Mass Media  (Director)

Research Group
Coordinator of the Computational Journalism Research Group


Telephone Number/Fax +30 210 3689267/+30 210 368 9450

Email Address mourlas[at]media.uoa[dot]gr

Scientific Activity 

The research work of Dr. C. Mourlas has been focused in the area of adaptive systems including personalization and recommended systems. The field of adaptive systems is broad and covers a wide spectrum of applications with similar behaviour and properties. The term adaptivity is studied in two different variations, which are:

  1. Adaptivity of content and services. In this category content and services have to be adapted according to user preferences and system constraints. Adaptive hypermedia, Web personalization and Intelligent User Interfaces are some of the main representatives of this category where content, navigation and appearance/aesthetics have to be adapted according to (a) the user profile and (b) the device characteristics of the user (e.g. monitor resolution, bandwidth allocation, etc.) also referred as QoS constraints. 
  2. Adaptivity of systems and processing. The empahis here is given on the ability of these systems to adapt their execution at run time according to changing system requirements. Attention is given on evolving environments like multimedia servers, streaming media presentations, ubiquitous computing, soft real-time systems, agent computing and Grid computing.

He is also interested in Innovative Applications with Adaptive Behaviour like Affective User Interfaces, Intelligent interfaces for ubiquitous computing, Smart environments and Ambient Intelligence, Personalized interaction in Virtual Reality and 3D Interfaces, Personalization and User Experience in (Serious) Games, Adaptation of systems’ interaction for people with disabilities and the elderly.

Previous research was focused on parallel and distributed systems and constraint logic programming.

Dr. C. Mourlas has teached a large number of undergraduate as well as postgraduate courses in the Dept. of Computer Science of theUniversityofCyprus, the Dept. of Communication and Media Studies of theUniversityofAthensand the Dept. of Computer Science of theUniversityofApplied SciencesinMunich. He has also participated in various committees in order to improve the computing infrastructure of the abovementioned departments.

Dr. C. Mourlas is Honorary Fellow of Munich University of Applied Sciences, Department of Computer Science and Mathematics,Munich,Germany.

Indicative Publications

  • C. Mourlas, N. Tsianos, & P. Germanakos (Eds.), “Cognitive and Emotional Processes in Web-based Education: Integrating Human Factors and Personalization”, Advances in Web-Based Learning Book Series, Information Science Reference (ISR), IGI Global's most prestigious imprints, ISBN: 978-1-60566-392-0, IGI Global, release date: October, 2009.
  • C. Mourlas & P. Germanakos (Eds.), “Mass Customization for Personalized Communication Environments: Integrating Human Factors”, Information Science Reference (ISR), IGI Global's most prestigious imprints, ISBN: 978-1-60566-260-2, IGI Global, release date: May, 2009.
  • C. Mourlas & P. Germanakos (Eds.), “Intelligent User Interfaces: Adaptation and Personalization Systems and Technologies”, Information Science Reference (ISR), IGI Global's most prestigious imprints, ISBN: 978-1-60566-032-5, IGI Global, release date:September 15, 2008.