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Nikos Panayotopoulos

(full bio in pdf)


Sociology (B.A, M.A., PhD.)

Academic Position



Section of Political Analysis of Communication 

Telephone Number

+30 210 3689271

Email Address 



Social institutions and social change in Greece

Empirical research in the media

The crisis of the Greek society

Social transformations and strategies of reproduction 

Indicative Publications


  1. Epreuve pénale et consécration sociale négative: Les établissements d’éducation surveillée en Grèce, at Presses Universitaires de Strasbourg, June 1997, 190 pages.
  2. The disinherited:  Foundations of Education for Minors, Kardamitsa, 1998, 328 pages.
  3. Faith in Order: Contribution to the analysis of the maintenance of order, Patakis, 2001, 290 pages.
  4. The suffering of the unemployed, Polytropon, 2005, 422 pages.
  5. The disenchantment of the world (under direction), Polytropon, 2008, 661 pages.
  6. The violence of unemployment, Alexandria Publications, 2013, 608 pages
  7. The economy of misery, Alexandria Publications, 2015, 880 pages (in collaboration with Fr. Schultheis)
  8. Dialogues, Alexandria Publications, 2015, 72 pages (in collaboration with Fr. Schultheis & V. Dimitrakopoulou)