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Panagiotopoulou Kalliroy


Kalliroy Panagiotopoulou


1983 Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Sociology, at the Institute of Sociology, University of Heidelberg Germany.

1975 Master of Arts in Sociology, at the Institute of Sociology, University of Heidelberg Germany

Academic Position   Professor

Section   Section of Social and Political Analysis of Communication

Telephone Number   +30 210 3689415, +30 210 3601917

Email Address    rpanag[at]media.uoa[dot]gr

Academic Activities

2012          Invited Professor at the Departamento-Facultad: Comunicació Audiovisual i Publicitat, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, to give seminars and lectures spring 2012

Visiting Professor at the Department of Sociology University of Trier Germany for the winter term 2011-2012


Visiting Professor at the Institut für Kommunikationswissenschaft Ludwig Maximilian University Munich, spring term 2010

2005       Invited Professor at the Chair of Olympic Studies of the Institute for Olympic Studies, Univesitat Autonoma de Barcelona

Research Fellow at the National Center for Social Research of Greece


Special Scientific Associate at the Department of Business Administration, University of the Aegean

1974-1975  &
        Scientific Assistant at the Institute of Sociology of the University of Heidelberg, Germany

Other Academic
Since 2000                Member of the Board University Research Institute of Applied Communication, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

Member of the Committee for the Awards to the Greek Regional Printed Media of the General Secretariat of Information


Co-chair of the Research Network 18 “Sociology of Communication and Research” of the European Sociological Association (ESA)


Project evaluator for the Institute for Research Promotion Cyprus


Undergraduate Courses: 

  • Social Theory Ι   (compulsory, 1991 –1998)
  • Social institutions and social change (compulsory, since 1993)
  • Theories of organization: the media sector  (compulsory, 1992 –2009)
  • Empirical research in the mass media (seminar, since 1993)
  • Strategies of applied communication (seminar, since 1997)
  • Gender and employment in the Media Sector (elective, 2003-2010)
  • Sports and Media (elective, since  2003)


Postgraduate Courses:

  • Social change and publicity. The international and the Greek experience  (elective, 1997 – 2000)
  • Society, politics and the media (compulsory, 2000-2001)
  • Electoral campaigning in television and the internet (elective, 2001-2002)
  • Mass media and public policy (elective, 2001–2006)
  • Public opinion and polls (elective, 2002-2006)
  • Theories of opinion and public opinion: the state of the art (elective, since 2010)


2010-2011                     International Olympic Academy, Master Program in Olympic Studies, Olympic education, organization and management of Olympic events, Module:  Organization and management of Communication
Since 2003            Master Program in Management of Tourism and Tourist Enterprises, Module:  Management of Tourism and Tourist Enterprises,  Hellenic Open University


Administrative Duties

    Director of the Division Social and political analysis of communication
Since 2003      Responsible for the Postgraduate Program in Public Opinion and Public Communication

Research Interests


Organizational communication, political communication, social movements communication, Olympic Studies and media and development of the new media.

Indicative Publications



Der Einfluß der Bodenbesitzstruktur auf Einkommen und Innovationsbereit-schaft in der griechischen Landwirtschaft. Dargestellt am Beispiel eines thessalischen Dorfes, Peter Lang Verlag, Frankfurt/M. 1984, p.358 (The impact of the structure of landownership on income and disposition towards the adoption of innovations in Greek farming: A case study of a village in Thessaly) [in German].

An Introduction to Sociology of Organization, University of Athens Publications, Athens 1992, p.185 (Supplement for the students at the Department of Communication and Mass Media) [in Greek].

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Television Stations outside Athens. The Regional and Local Television Stations in Greece, Kastaniotis Publishing, Athens 2004, p. 236 [in Greek].

Co-editor of the book The ‘Construction’ of Reality and the Mass Media, Alexandria Publishing, Athens 1998 [in Greek].

Editor of the book The Digital Challenge, Media and Democracy, Gutenberg Publishing, Athens 2003 [in Greek].

Co-editor of the book Globalization and Modern Society, National Centre for Social Research Athens 2003 [in Greek].

Editor of the book Athens 2004 Post-Olympic Considerations, National Publishing House, Athens 2006 [in Greek].

Co-editor of the book Social Development in Modern Greece, Sakkoulas Publishing, Athens 2006 [in Greek].


II. Articles

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IΙΙ. Member

Editorial Board  of the Greek communication journal  Zitimata Epikoinonias (Communication Issues)

Scientific Board of The Greek Review of Social Research