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Papathanassopoulos Stylianos

Stylianos Papathanassopoulos


1989 Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Communications Policy, CITY University,London 

1986 Master of Arts in Communications Policy,CITY University,London 

1985 Diplôme d' Etudes ApprofondiesinHistory,University of Paris, Panthéon-Sorbonne 

1983 B.A.(Hons)in Political Science, Panteion University, Athens

Academic Position Professor

Section Section of Psychology of Communication Practices and Planning

Telephone Number     +30 210 3689411

Email Address  spapath[at]media.uoa[dot]gr

Webpage http://www.papathanassopoulos.gr/


Undergraduate Courses: 

  • Theoretical and Organizational Issues of the Electronic Media (since 1991 –compulsory)
  • Introduction to Mass Communication Theories (since 1995 –compulsory)
  • Internationalization of Communication (since 1992 –compulsory)
  • Comparative Media Systems (since 1992 –selective)


Postgraduate Courses:

  • The Structures of the European Media (since 2010 –compulsory)


Interdepartmental postgraduate programs

  • Audio-visual literacy (in the PSP "New Technologies in Communication and Education, the Early Childhood Education, 2006-2007)
  • Research Methodology - research in-depth interviews (in the PSP "Music and Communication" with the Department of Music, 2007-2008)

Administrative Duties

  • Director of the Laboratory of Psychological Applications and Planning (since 2001 to present)
  • Head of the Department of Psychology of Communication, Communication Practices and Planning (2007-2010)
  • Coordinator for the Reformation Committee of Postgraduate Studies and member of the Reformation Committee for Undergraduate Studies (2006-2007)
  • Scientific responsible of proposals for reformation of the Postgraduate Program (within the OP II) (October-November 2001)
  • Member of the Committee of Undergraduate Studies (2002-2003).
  • Member of the Committee of Graduate Studies (1996-2000)
  • Member of Library Committee (1996-2000).
  • Member of the Commission of the Department at the Interdisciplinary Centre for the Recognition of Foreign Academic Titles (DIKATSA) (1997-1999)
  • Representative of the Department of the Senate (1996-1997)


Research Interests

Among the main research interests are the interactions between cognitive and emotional processes, the action of emotion in interpersonal relationships, the effects of unconscious processes in human thought and behavior, education and media education, psychodynamic approach mediated and direct interpersonal communication within the family and the school.

Indicative Publications

(A) Authorship:

Dangerous Children or Children in Danger?Actors and Victims of Youth Violence, Athens, Lector, 2008, 190 pages (in collaboration with co-authors).

Juvenescence: The Non-Standardized Factor, Athens, various, 2008, 251 pages (in collaboration with co-authors).

Children and media: Transformation of the Childhood Condition, Athens, Papazisis, 2005, 319 pages.

New Technologies and Old Fears in the School System, Athens, Papazisis, 2000, 352 pages (in collaboration with Katerina Diamantaki and Yiannis Panousis).

Thought processes in the Age of Information: Issues on Cognitive Psychology and Communication, Athens, Papazisis, 2000, 548 pages.

Children Talk about Health and Illness: Ten- year old children’s representations of Health and Illness, Athens, Papazisis, 1994, 145 pages (in collaboration with Nicholas Christakis).

Smoking in Adolescence: Psychosocial dimensions of Adolescent Smoking, Athens, Papazisis, 1992, 287 pages.

(B) Scientific and translation editing of foreign publications:

Thagard, P., Mind, Athens, Polytropon Publications, 2009. Edited and introduction.

Gordo-Lopez, A.G. & Parker, I. (Eds.) Cyberpsychology, 2008. Edited and introduction.

Christensen, L. B., The Experimental Method in Scientific Research, Athens, Papazisis, 2007. Edited and introduction.

Giddens, A. The Transformation of Intimacy: Love, Sexuality and Love in the Age of Modernity, Athens, Polytropo Publishing, 2005. Edited and introduction.

Oatley K. & Jenkins, JM, Emotion: Definitions and Understanding, Athens, Papazisis, 2004. Edited, introduction and translation.

Atkinson, RL, Atkinson, RC, Smith, EE, Bem, DJ, Nolen-Hoeksema, S. Introduction to Hilgard Psychology, Volume 1 and 2, Athens, Papazisis, 2004. Edited.

(C) Edited collective volumes:

Science Magazine Issues Communication, Special tribute: "Education of the Media", 2007, Issue 6, Kastaniotis.

Noesis Science Magazine, Special tribute "Emotion and Cognition", 2006, Issue 2 Publishing Typothito. (In collaboration with N. Makris).

Feeling, Communicating and Thinking: Readings on the Emotional and Communicational Aspects of Learning, Athens, Papazissis Publishers, 1998, pp.223 (in collaboration with Luminous Xenakis).

Puberty, Athens, Sirris Publishing, 1994, 160 pages (in collaboration with Eleni Petridou).

Adolescence: Expectations and Quests, Athens, Papazisis, 1991, 286 pages (with Thalia Dragona).

(D) Scientific Editor series:

Series 'Psychology' in Papazisis (with Z. Papaligoura and C. North)

Series "Human Relations" in Publishing Polytropo (in collaboration with A. Chatzouli).

Bettina Ntavou has also published numerous articles in Greek and international journals and is a regular columnist in Greek newspapers and magazines.