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Pleios George

George Pleios

Education Sociology (B.A, M.A., PhD.)

Academic Position Professor

Section Section of Political Analysis of Communication 

Laboratory Social Research in the Media (Director)

Webpage https://pleios.gr/

  • Social Theory
  • Scientific Media Monitoring
  • Power and Propaganda
  • Education and the Media, Agenda Setting and Framing Research
  • Sociology of the Image
  • Political Discourse and Ideology in Mass Media

Administrative Duties

  • Head of the Communication and Mass Media Department at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece
  • Director of the Laboratory for Social Research in Mass Media
  • Member of the Research Committee of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens 

Research Interests

  • Sociology of Mass Media
  • Sociology of News
  • Visual Sociology, Political Communication
  • Education and Mass Media

Indicative Publications


“The Crisis and the Media” (2013, ed.)

“The society or pleasant informing. News and Modernity” (2011)

“The ‘national issues’ in the maelstrom of mass media. The Macedonian issue, the Greek-Turkish relations and the Cyprus issue in television and press” (with Ch. Fragonikolopoulos) (2011)

“Visual Culture and Education” (2005)

“The Discourse of Image: Ideology and Politics” (2001)

“Moving Image and Artistic Communication” (1993)


Recent publications in Greek and foreign reviews

“Communication and Symbolic Capitalism. Rethinking Marxist Communication Theory in the Light of The information Society”

“The Greek Financial Crisis and the 'Future' of ЕU in the European Press” (with others)

“The Information in Blogosphere. New Medium – Old Logic?”

“Fame and Symbolic Value in Celebrity Activism and Diplomacy”

“Publicity and Private Life within the Greek Blogosphere”

“En Blogs: From Internet to Blogosphere”

“The Culture of News”, “News and Views About Europe in Greece”

“Election News Coverage in Greece: Between Two Logics” (with N. Demertzis)

“The Coverage of the Political Institutions by the Greek TV News” (with S. Papathanassopoulos)

“The Janus face of the Greek Radio Discourse: Conflict between Tradition and Modernization in the Post-war Era”