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Doctoral Studies

Philosophy Degree

a) The acquisition of a Philosophy Degree (PhD) functions under the provisions of Law 2083/92 (Article 12, § 5 a, b, c, d) and the present Regulation of Graduate Studies.

b) Applications for drafting a PhD thesis are deposited in the Secretary of the Department every May and October, and are examined by the corresponding sections in June and November of each academic year, to be finally ratified by the General Assembly. Applications must be submitted in accordance with the requirements of Annex I of the Regulation of Graduate Studies.

c) Every year, the doctoral candidate must submit a progress report to the General Assembly signed by his / her supervisor. The report is submitted every June. After the completion of 18 months since the subscription, the candidate is called upon in a special seminar of the doctoral cycle in which he/she will present the status of his/her PhD research.

d) According to the article 14 of Law 2083/92 a PhD thesis cannot be delivered by a candidate who has not obtained a postgraduate degree. The GASC after a proposal by the Graduate Studies Coordination Committee can accept -only in special and exceptional cases- up to three applications per year for doctoral students who do not have a postgraduate degree if they fulfill the following academic criteria: either their GPA has been awarded with at least a “very good” degree or they have scholarship for outstanding academic performance or they have teaching experience at a university and have a recognized scientific, artistic or literary work or, finally, they have participated in approved research projects. Cases of candidates that have already been accepted into the PhD program of relevant Departments and wish to complete their research in the Department of Communication and Mass Media are also accepted.

e) As part of the Postgraduate Studies the Department has established a doctoral seminars series.