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Master’s Program on Information and Communication Technologies for Education

Interdepartmental Master’s Program
Information and Communication Technologies for Education


The Program has been designed and operates since 2005, financed by the EPEAEK II activities and the collaboration of the Department of Education and Early Childhood Education, the Department of Communication and Media Studies, the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, the Department of Architecture, the University of Thessaly, in partnership with the Department of Electronics of TEI Piraeus. Under the Program’s activities the infrastructure of all collaborating departments is being utilized. The post-graduate program forms a field of discussion and interdisciplinary processing of contemporary issues related to learning and teaching in the digital age. It explores the changes brought about by the Information and Communication Technologies in Education on the way of thinking, the perceptual process and representational means, it identifies barriers in their effective use in education and how they can be overcome, and it also develops concerns regarding the future of formal and informal learning in the digital age. Alongside the theoretical and critical education, the Program encourages the involvement of students in practical laboratory work in order to create learning resources with the use of new technologies (educational software, audio and video products, multimedia applications) and supports cooperation and joint creative work.

The structure of the program offers opportunities for choice and flexibility through the combination of courses that are required for its completion, and allows for dissertation choices that reflect the specific interests of each student. Moreover, it offers the opportunity to study the relationship between the theoretical and practical research, using appropriate documentation. Particular emphasis is given to the content and aesthetic advancement of the work of students. 

You can visit the Master’s Program webpage here.