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Master’s Programme on Music Culture and Communication

Interdepartmental Master’s Programme
Music Culture and Communication: Anthropological and Communicational Approaches to Music


The subject of this program is the interdisciplinary, anthropological and communicative approach to music. Specifically, the program aims to:

(A) investigate the subject and develop the student’s skills in regards to the management of music as a communicative and anthropological phenomenon,
(B) prepare high-level executives for both public and private institutions and / or positions related to the international representation of the country and
(C) prepare students for higher postgraduate doctoral studies and / or research activities in the cognitive fields of Interdepartmental PSP and institutions of high standards, either domestic or foreign.

The Master's program is for two years and includes the following courses: Issues on Methodology, Music and Culture, Music, Society and Politics, Philosophy of Music, Music and New Media, The Legal Framework of Creation and Dissemination of Music, Music and Cultural Management, Music and other arts, Methodology seminar: Literature Analysis and Management. To obtain the Master's degree a dissertation successful submission is required.