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Accessibility Unit for Students with Disabilities

Accessibility Unit for Students with Disabilities (MoProFmeA) of the University of Athens seeks equal access to academic studies for students with different abilities and requirements through the provision of adaptations to the environment, support technologies and access services.

The Accessibility Unit offers:

  • Monitoring service of the specific needs of each student with disabilities.
  • Department of accessibility to campus.
  • Transfer Service from residence to University and vice versa.
  • Support technologies.
  • Free specially designed Software.
  • Accessible Textbooks.
  • Accessible workstations in libraries.
  • Service for immediate live telecommunication through interpreting to the Greek Sign Language, with fellow students, Department and staff of the University.
  • Volunteer service to support classmates with disabilities.
  • Instructions on the proper ways of examining students with disabilities.
  • Psychological Counseling Service Support. 

To better serve students with disabilities in each Department / School of the University of Athens there have been appointed:

a) Consultant Professor for students with disabilities and deputy, and

b) Responsible officer of the Secretariat and deputy to serve students with disabilities

Interested parties can communicate with them directly by phone, fax, e-mail or through the Live telecommunication Service. The contact details for the responsible persons for each Department/ School are available at the website of the Accessibility Unit for Students with disabilities.


Contact details and more information:

Tel.: +30 210 7275130, +30 2107275687, +30 210 7275183

Fax: +30 210 7275193

E-mail Address: access.uoa.gr

Website: access.uoa.gr

MSN ID: m.emmanouil @ di.uoa.gr

ooVoo ID: m.emmanouil

SMS: +30 695 8450861