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Liaison Office

The Liaison Office of the University of Athens has been operating since 1997 and is funded by the Ministry of Education through the OP II (Operational Program for Education and Initial Vocational Training). The Liaison Office is the link between the University and the work space with the main aim to provide services to students and graduates of the University of Athens. The Liaison Office has as its main purpose to prepare young graduates for their smooth integration in the professional arena, to facilitate and support them in their professional and educational life. The main goal of the Liaison Office is to support students, through counseling services, in order to develop and continuously update their skills throughout life, in accordance with the new requirements that are continually increasing.

More specifically, the Liaison Office provides the following services:

  • Development of advisory services, guidance, information and guidance to students and graduates of the University of Athens in order to facilitate the most suitable professional and educational guidance. Assistance and counseling to students and alumni, both during the job search process and during the application process for graduate studies (skills development, drafting CV, references, preparing for interviews, etc.) through individual and group meetings. This activity is also supported by providing personalized information via the website of the Liaison Office, and constitutes the main priority of the Liaison Office of the University of Athens.
  • Developing and enhancing the Web Site (http://career-office.uoa.gr) for students, alumni, businesses, and subjects of academic interest. The Liaison Office focuses particularly on providing accurate information on issues related to education and research (graduate, conferences, workshops, scientific events, etc.). It also provides information to students concerning scholarships and funding, job placements and research opportunities, through its digital information site.
  • Monitor the labour market systematically; identify job opportunities, information on required labour qualifications. Also it organizes periodically Career meetings involving Greek and international businesses.
  • Conducts research and studies regarding the labour market situation and the integration of graduates in themarketplace. It produces guides that describe professions and provide vocational guidance. It updates the Foundation and the Senate on the labour market situation.
  • Advertising and publication of the results of the Liaison Office of the University of Athens. The Liaison Office participates in exhibitions, organizes conferences and publishes brochures and posters that promote its work. Invites speakers and collaborates with organizations and embassies for the co-organization of events
  • Assisting the Youth Entrepreneurship program, which aims at fostering entrepreneurship
  • Developing links with Secondary education, Counseling and Guidance (KESYP), and Offices SEP of schools (GRASEP).


International Career / Career Unit

Under the Career Services Office a pilot Unit of International Career operates at the Regional Liaison Office of the Department of Political Science and Public Administration. It aims at a timely and systematic collection of all notices, tenders and vacancies at European and international organizations, non-governmental organizations, international missions and activities, research centers and other related needs, permanent or short- term. It also seeks to create a global network of professionals in Greece who serve or have served in international organizations and missions.

Contact Info:

Central Liaison Office

Postal Address: Department of Informatics and Telecommunications Office A22

Campus - Ilisia Athens, 157 84

Tel.:  +30 210 727 5220 

Fax: +30 210 727 5214

E-mail address: gd (at) di (dot) uoa (dot) gr

Web page

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Regional Liaison Office of the Department of Political Science and Public Administration

Postal Address: Themistokleous 6, Athens 10678

Tel.:  +30 210 368 8947 

E-mail Address: imeleas (at) pspa (dot) uoa (dot) gr

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