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Department of Communication & Media Studies


Charalambis Dimitris, Professor

  • Field: Political Science
  • Studies: Prof. Haralambisgraduated from the University of Freiburg (Germany) with a degree in Sociology and Philosophy. He obtained his Ph.D. in Political Sociology from the School of Philosophy of the University of Muenster.
  • Research interests: Political Theory, Political Systems, Greek Political System, Theories of Democracy and Publicity.


Heretakis Manolis, Professor

  • Field: Advertising and Communication
  • Studies: Prof.Heretakis graduated from the School of Mathematics of the University of Athens and obtained his Ph.D. from the Department of Political Science and Public Administration of the Law School of the University of Athens.
  • Research Interests: Advertising and Strategic Programming of Advertising Media, Effectiveness of Advertising Communication, Cultural Industries, Media Marketing, Sociology of Media Audience, Media Centralism, Pluralism and Transparency, Media Environment and Media Evolution in Greece, Literacy and Media, Media Content Consumption.


Komninou Maria, Professor

  • Field: Political Communication and Sociology
  • Studies:Prof. Komninos holds a B.A in Psychology, Sociology, and Economics from Brunell University. She obtained her Ph.D. in Sociology from the London School of Economics.
  • Research Interests: Theory of Communication, Political Communication, Film Studies, European Cinema (with particular emphasis on Greek Cinema).


Maniatis George, Professor

  • Field: Political and Ethical Theory
  • Studies: Prof.Maniatis holds a B.A in Greek Literature from the Philosophy Department of the University of Athens. He obtained his Ph.D. in Political Theory from Panteion University (Athens).
  • Research Interests: History of Ideas, Philosophy, Political and Social Theory, Ethics of Public Discourse, Rhetoric, Aesthetics and Theory of Art (and particularly of Musical Creativity).


Meimaris Michael, Professor

  • Field: New Technologies and Mass Media inCommunication and Education
  • Studies: Prof. Meimaris holds an undergraduate degree in Mathematics (from the University of Athens), a DEA in Mathematical Statistics (from Universite Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris VI), a Doctorat de 3eme cycle in Statistics, and a Doctorat d'Etat en Sciences Mathematiques - Computer Data Analysis (both from Universite Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris VI).
  • Research Interests: New Technologies and Mass Media, Digital Storytelling, Desk Top Publishing, Online Journalism, Games for Digital Communication, Communicational Aspects of the New Technological Environment


Panagiotopoulou Roi, Professor

  • Field: Sociology
  • Studies: Prof. Panagiotopoulouholds a degree (Magister) in Sociology, a degree in Political Science and a Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Heidelberg (Germany).
  • Research Interests: Her research interests are: political behaviour and political culture, social classes and social change in Greece, organization communication, regional television, new technologies and new media, voluntarism and the Olympic Games.


Rigopoulou Pepi, Professor

  • Field: Aesthetics, Communication, and Technology
  • Studies: Prof. Rigopoulou holds an undergraduate degree in Chemistry from the University of Athens, Licence, Maitrise, and DEA in the History of Art from Ecole des Hautes Etudes, Paris, and a Doctorat de 3eme cycle from Universite I, Sorbonne.
  • Research Interests: History and Theory of Art, Aesthetics and Communication, Visual Arts as applied to the Theatre and the Cinema, Artistic Shows and Performances.