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Department of Communication & Media Studies


Directorate of Public and International Relations: This office provides information on current developments of the European and international education and culture. It positively contributes to the processes that take place in the decision-making centers regarding Higher Education. For more information regarding their offers and activities:

DOATAP: This is the Hellenic NARIC, an organization supervised by the Hellenic Ministry of Education. It is responsible for the recognition of University or Technological degrees that are awarded by foreign Higher Education Institutions (H.E.I.). The Hellenic NARIC is also responsible for providing information about educational systems and accreditation of Institutions in Greece and abroad. Foreign students interested to receive their diploma in Greece are advised to check DOATAP, which regularly updates a list of recognized foreign institutions:

The Library of the Department: The Department hosts one of the most updated libraries in the country in the field of communication and culture, which includes more than 7.000 specialized volumes with the most contemporary issues regarding communication, aiming at exploring the principles, mechanisms and ideologies that regulate communication and shape developments in the media. The library of Department already consists part of the School’s library.

Accommodation: Students can be accommodated in selected residences of NKUA. Alternatively, students can rent apartments of rooms in Athens and are offered a list with suggestions on this website. For the residences of NKUA, applicant shall provide the specific supporting documents as soon as possible: Students can also ask ESN KAPA for help regarding housing off.campus. It is the Erasmus Network of NKUA. Contact them via their website website: or

Students Mensa and Canteens: NKUA’s Mensa and canteens for students are located at two different places in Athens.

  • University Campus: located in Zografou, in the building of the School of Philosophy
  • Centre of Athens: located at Lycavittou 14, in the centre of Athens

NKUA offers the opportunity for two free meals on a daily basis from September 1st to June 30th (except for national holidays). Students should apply for a card and provide the completed application form to the Meal Service of NKUA (4th floor, Ippokratous 15 (city center of Athens), Tel.: +30 210-3688216, +30 210-3688230, +30 210-3688228). More information can be given by the Administrative Office of this MSc programme.

Public Transportation: For the public transportation in Athens students can use any of the 3 types of Athens Transport tickets and cards:

  • The Ath.ena Ticket
  • The personalized Ath.ena Card
  • The anonymous Ath.ena Card

The Ath.ena Ticket is a rechargeable ticket that can be used again and again as long as it remains in good condition. Ath.ena Ticket can be bought from and recharged at all Athens transport ticket offices, as well as automatic ticket issuing machines. The personalised Ath.ena Card offers the possibility of student discounts, as well as reduced monthly payments. The card is available only from Athens transport ticket offices. For more information visit:

Health Care: Enrolled students, nationals and foreigners, are eligible for healthcare for a period equal to the duration of their study programme (minimum duration and possible extension of one semester).

The healthcare of students includes, but is not limited to:

  • Medical examination
  • Hospitalization
  • Pharmaceutical care
  • Preclinical examinations
  • Home examination
  • Physiotherapy
  • Dental Care
  • Orthopedics

Enrolled students should contact the Administrative Offices of the programme for more information.

Student ID: Students are advised after their registration to apply as soon as possible for an academic ID card, which will support the access to reduced prices for various services, such as public transport, ferries, museums, etc.:

Students with Disabilities: NKUA is accessible to students with disabilities and provides for facilities that are adequately equipped. The lecture rooms and offices of the Department of Communication and Media Studies are easily accessible via elevators.